About Us

Loverry jewelry

At Loverry, we create customized jewelry just for you. Jewelry is more than an accessory, it represents appreciation, love and time, connects feelings and preserves memories.

We specialize in personalized jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted to represent the uniqueness of the wearer. Our jewelry is suitable for all occasions.

We have a professional design team, marketing team, customer service team and production factory. High-quality jewelry lasts forever. We hope you will enjoy your time in our loverry shop!

Phillip Janzen


our mission

Our mission is to help people around the world express and celebrate their love and appreciation. We believe love is a universal emotion that has the power to transform lives and strengthen relationships. For this reason, we are committed to producing love gifts that are not only beautiful and unique, but also have a deeper meaning and message.

Our gifts are designed to celebrate life's special moments, be it an anniversary, an engagement, a wedding or just a token of love and appreciation. We believe our products can help deepen relationships and spread love and happiness.

We are proud that all of our products are made with love and care. We use only the best materials and work with experienced craftsmen to ensure every product is perfect.

Our goal is to offer our customers an unforgettable shopping experience. We want every visit to our website to be an opportunity to celebrate love and give something special. We are committed to providing our customers with excellent service at all times and look forward to helping you express your love in a unique and meaningful way.

Loverry handicrafts

Much of the jewelry manufacturing, the creation of flawless masterpieces, takes place in our modern production facility. This is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and experienced jewelers to create personalized name necklaces of the highest quality. Engraving names on precious metal is an art that requires some of the best tools and expertise. For this we have a unique drilling and cutting machine that carefully removes the right amount of metal required to create an impressive piece of jewelry.

The complex fonts you will see in our extensive inventory of tastefully designed name necklaces can be attributed to the use of some of the most efficient jewelry cutting devices. Our fine, diamond-cut name tags are precisely curved thanks to a unique curving robot that meticulously engraves each letter of a name tag to give it a handcrafted design.

For the final touch, the polishing machine cleans and polishes the metal used to make the chain, giving the final product a dazzling shine. Factors considered by the management to provide the best customer experience and high quality products are the use of the latest jewelry manufacturing technology, use of high quality raw materials, customer support and competitive prices. Our premium chains are a testament to the high standards of creative craftsmanship and elegant beauty applied in creating our fabulous designs.